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Our Story

My name is Charles 'Chas' Morgan and I created Morgan Expeditions to continue our family's tradition of group discovery in Costa Rica. Through hyper-personalized trip planning and in-country guidance by my dad and I, we aim to provide a relaxed, adventure-filled trip for your group. We will be in contact with you every step of the way from initial trip planning, airport pick-up and airport drop-off, to personal in-country guidance from the start to the end of your trip. With our family's twenty plus years of experience guiding groups in Costa Rica we aim to provide peace-of-mind throughout your group's adventure so you can relax, enjoy, and chase the spirit of Pura Vida. 

Meet the Team


Charles 'Chas' Morgan

After graduating from Ohio University with a degree in international business I travelled to Taiwan for two years to teach English as a second language. While living in Taiwan I started a little side business, Taipei Tents, where I would rent camping gear to international students studying in Taipei. I loved providing a means for students to get out into nature and discover Taiwan's countryside. Each time I'd pick-up the gear from students they'd tell me stories about their camping trip and how much they enjoyed taking a break from the city. Taipei Tents gave me so much satisfaction because I felt that I had a small reason for their good times. This feeling has always lingered as I moved from Taiwan to NYC to pursue a job in the start-up space. Working on the business-side of a photography-at-scale start-up (Meero) I could never shake the feeling Taipei Tents offered me. As the pandemic hit NYC hard, I left my job and came back to our family business, Morgan's Canoe and Outdoor Adventures. Now, as a third-generation family member helping run our state-side family business, I have an amazing opportunity to further develop our Costa Rica business. With Morgan Expeditions I am able to re-discover the feeling that always stayed with me from Taipei Tents- helping students pursue adventure. 

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Gary Morgan

With over 40 years in the Costa Rican tourism industry my dad will be assisting groups in programming. Starting as a raft guide in 1980's Costa Rica, then to leading student groups to our lodge on the Osa Peninsula, my dad is both my mentor and partner in Morgan Expeditions. Since the early 2000's Gary has primarily focused on student group travel in Costa Rica. With his experience, knowledge, and logistical know-how of student travel, Gary provides keen insight and leadership to your group's travel. Depending on the size, length-of-stay, and group dynamics, Gary can also provide meal preparation. Gary loves to cook and his group meals in Costa Rica are something that cannot be forgotten (especially his enchiladas). When hosting large groups at our lodge it's normal to cook for groups of 15-30 people including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Gary has led schools from: Vanderbilt University, University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Miami University, Walnut Hills High School, Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning, Clark Montessori, and St. Mary's Grade School. Many of these schools having had recurring annual trips pre-pandemic.

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From Canoes to Coconuts

Bill Morgan on his driver license, Papa to my cousins and I, my grandfather began leading groups of 1950’s Cincinnati high school students to the Canadian wilderness in his summer free-time. None of these trips would have been possible without the ‘brains of the operation’, my grandmother, June 'Jume' Morgan.  As a high school woodshop teacher, Papa’s love for the outdoors, a budding entrepreneurial-mind, and summers off led him and Jume to develop weeks-long expeditions into the rivers of Canada, West Virginia, and Tennessee. This laid the foundation for the first canoe livery in the United States to open under the helm of my grandparents. Years later my uncles and dad (and currently me) would join the ship and begin their journey into the canoe life.

So how does this fit into Costa Rica? Since the Cincinnati area isn’t exactly canoe-friendly during the freezing Mindwest winters, we shut the doors on our paddles, lifejackets and close the business for the winter. For years my grandparents would have these winters off to rest for the next canoe season. Normally, in the off-season Jume and Papa would take their RV to the warm southern United States, but that was until my dad had an opportunity in Costa Rica. In his mid-twenties my dad, Gary Morgan, headed down to Costa Rica in between canoe seasons. It was the late 1980's and he had a full off-season ahead of him. There was a seasonal job offer as a raft guide for a Costa Rican whitewater company. Over the course of a few months while guiding in Costa Rica my dad easily fell in love with the country. After his return to the USA, the canoe season was gearing up, but he knew something special lay ahead for the Morgan family in Costa Rica. After explaining to Jume and Papa about the tropical rainforests, warm people, and fresh mahi-mahi dinners- the next winter was planned. Jume (known eventually to the people of the Osa as ‘Jungle June’) and Papa decided to opt out of RV-life and fly to Costa Rica where they discovered our slice of paradise. Jume, Papa, my dad, and uncles travelled to the Osa Peninsula after hearing about a beautiful property known today as ‘Morgan’s Jungle Lodge’. Since the early 2000’s my family has hosted groups ranging from birders, yoga, entire 8th grade classes, high schools and university groups to experience Costa Rica. 

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River Expedition to Canada (Jume and Papa)

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Morgan's Jungle Lodge, Costa Rica

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