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Image by Robin Canfield

Our Values

Each expedition, each leader, each activity has roots in what we value: ubuntu, respecting our environment, and opening new doors.

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I am because we are. Ubuntu is an African word referring to the power of our shared humanity rooted in kindness, compassion, and interconnectedness. We achieve ourselves through trusting, caring, and sharing with others so they do the same to you. Each Morgan Expedition trip learns about the spirit of ubuntu, the importance of this practice during our days together, and with the ultimate goal of practicing this idea upon return. 

Opening New Doors

Understanding Our Environment

We aim to accept students that already have a respect for our natural world. Our itinerary builds off of this respect to provide real, tangible experiences to aid a students' growth in understanding the environment. Through projects like turtle conservancy or reforestation projects students will learn to better understand our natural world while gaining new interests into their own relationship with the environment. 

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Opening New Doors

Our adventures take us from whitewater rafting to surfing, from casados to gallo pinto, from snorkeling around Caño Island to ziplining through the canopy. We value opening new interests, ways of thinking, and discovering opportunities for our students' futures.  

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